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We're looking forward to having students, faculty, and staff back on campus this fall. Our goal is to ensure everyone’s safety on campus as students receive the best educational experiences in order to be successful and earn an IU degree.

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Description of the video:

IU East has a beautiful campus. We’re in Richmond. We’re located on the northern side of town, on about 180 beautiful acres. We have five buildings. The first one was Whitewater Hall built in 1974, and most recently we’ve added our fifth building which is the Student Events and Activities Center and that opened in 2016.

I think one of the things that often folks don’t realize we have 3,700 students here. Our campus is really split in a way. We have about half of those students are traditional aged students who are coming right out of high school, and they’re doing all those typical things that college-aged students do. And we have this other aspect of our campus that is online, and that serves about half of our students as well. So we’re able to serve both of these groups in a really great way.

We are an Indiana University campus right here in Richmond, so students can get an IU degree in their region. An IU East degree holds just as much weight as a degree from IU Bloomington does. Except you’re getting a degree at the fraction of the cost as you would at a different campus. So I’m able to graduate debt free in May and that’s something a lot of students aren’t able to say.

We have a small enough campus that students will really get to know their faculty, and their faculty will get to know them, yet it’s large enough so that we have a full campus life, and students get the full college experience.

This campus can be everything that you want it to be. If you just want to come and go to class, you can do that. But if you want to be somebody who is out in front leading, and noticed, you’re going to get that chance. And that doesn’t happen everywhere.

IU East is flexible to suit your unique needs. We're here for:

  • Incoming freshman looking for the full college experience with all the opportunities and friendships that come with it.
  • Multitaskers who need flexibility & online options. You can even take all 4 years online!
  • Those ready to finish their degree & need to transfer credits.
  • Graduate students looking to advance their career & passions.

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Celebrating the Class of 2020!

Austin McNew smiling, wearing a tie and boutonniere, and seated in his wheelchair.

Austin McNew

Graduate Austin McNew is ready to pursue a law degree after earning two bachelor’s degrees in three years.

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Kiki Pichini smiling while standing in front of beautiful historic buildings.

Kiki Pichini

IU East’s youngest graduate Kiki Pichini will use her mathematics background for a future in business analytics.

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Lawrence Alfred standing in front of a tree in Arizona.

Lawrence Alfred Jr.

Graduate Lawrence Alfred Jr. is always ready to serve Navajo Nation.

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