From Spartan to Red Wolf:
This is Haylee

    • Class of: 2020
    • Major: Elementary Education
    • Involved in: Campus Christian Fellowship
    • Fav IU East Event: The luau was fun spring semester of 2018! Though he only lived about three weeks, my pet fish really loved his home that was created at this IU East event.


    • Knows every word to: ... pretty much no songs. I just sing along and make up my own words as I go.
    • Can't stop watching: Grey's Anatomy... I actually think I chose the wrong career path. I may just be a surgeon on the side.
    • App I can't live without: The google app. Start with google and from there you can get anywhere.
    • Biggest celebrity crush: John Cooper and/or Darius Rucker... please don't make me choose.
    • My favorite chill spot: My car. I can sit in my car for hours just parked outside of my house. It is my happy place.


  • I'm terrified of: Spiders...... yikes! 🕷️🕷️🕷️😱 Oh yeah, and commitment.


"I hope to one day live and serve in the Dominican Republic as both an educator at a bilingual school and also a missionary. In the mean time I just plan to become a licensed educator and teach at a school in Indiana."

Message for my Connersville High School self

"Learn how to study before you get into college! Exams are no joke, find a way to study that works for you... the sooner the better."

Biggest Surprise about IU East

"Going into college I had every intention of just going to class and going home. I wanted nothing to do with extracurricular activities or anything other than going to class really. My second year however, I had a friend who wanted to be involved and she often times drug me around with her. I was most surprised at how much I actually enjoyed being involved once I finally did it. Campus events and clubs are most definitely worth being a part of!"

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