Sammy Hazelbaker

From Red Devil 😈 to Red Wolf:
This is Sammy

      • Class of: 2022
      • Major: Elementary Education
      • Fav IU East Event: Jumpstart! It was so much fun and definitely worth going to. I would 100% recommend going to this as an upcoming freshmen.
      • Knows every word to: Make You Feel My Love by Adele
      • Can't stop watching: Greys Anatomy is my favorite tv show, I love watching makeup tutorials on youtube, and The Blind Side is my favorite movie.

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    • App I can't live without: I couldn't live without snapchat 👻, that is how I communicate with most of my college peers.
    • Biggest celebrity crush: Would have to be Zac Efron.


  • I'm terrified of: Drowning, spiders, snakes, and bugs.
  • My favorite chill spot: is Roscoes. That is where I can hangout with friends while doing my homework at the same time while enjoying a cup of coffee. ☕

#RedWolfNation is...

"Amazing!! I have had so many amazing opportunities here on campus. I've made so many friends in the past couple of weeks."


"My career goal is to be a kindergarten teacher. I've always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was little. I had multiple teachers who pushed me to do my very best and I hope one day I can do that for others in the classroom."

Message for my Richmond High School 😈 self

"IIwould tell my high school self to not stress so much on what everyone is making college out to be. In high school, I was so stressed about college professors being so mean and not being able to make any friends. Once I came to IU East, I learned that all of that was all false. All of my professors are so willing to help me make sure I pass my classes, and I have made a ton of new friends here on campus."

Biggest Surprise about IU East

"Even though IU East is a smaller campus, it offers a ton of programs and opportunities for us students to get involved in. I wasn't too sure on which college I wanted to go to but I am so glad I picked #RedWolfNation!!"

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