Testing Center

A quiet, comfortable place to take exams

The Testing Center is available for the following types of tests:

  • Final Exams: Some instructors will hold their mid-term and final exams in the Testing Center, and will let you know if this is the case.
  • Make-up Exams
  • Disability Accommodations: Special test accommodations are available for all students who qualify for non-standard test administrations. Contact Accessibility Services to learn more. It is the student’s responsibility to make appointments with the Testing Center and ask the instructor to send the test to the Testing Center prior to your appointment.
  • Foreign Language Placement Exams
  • CASA Testing: Schedule and make payment for the test through the Pearson website. You must bring one current, government-issued ID; see ID requirements.
  • ACT Residual Testing: If you have not taken the ACT Test and are considering attending IU East, you can take the ACT residual exam with our center. View the ACT Calculator Policy. Calculators are not provided by the Testing Center.
  • Correspondence: Please note, the IU East Testing Center does not provide the return postage paid envelope.

  • You must sign up for a Testing Center service through the online testing reservation website provided by the instructor. Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • In order to be seated for an exam, please bring the following information: (a) the course number, (b) the instructor’s name, and (c) the accurate description of the exam (ex. Exam 1, etc.)
  • Arrive at the Testing Center 10-15 minutes prior to the beginning of your testing time slot.
  • Bring either an IU student ID, driver’s license, or other state ID with photo.
  • Calculators (if permitted by the instructor) will be inspected before being used in the Testing Center.
  • Cellular phones, pagers, and other electronic devices must be removed before entering the Testing Center. Tests that require cell phones will need to be approved in advance.
  • Children and guests are not permitted.
  • Food, beverages, backpacks, books, and other personal belongings must be left in a locker.
  • No “In/Out.” Students must remain in the Testing Center until the test is completed. Restroom breaks will only be permitted for multi-part tests.
  • The Testing Center will not extend time for the exam beyond the limit specified by the instructor or allow any materials into the Testing Center unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
  • Students must return all testing materials (including scrap paper) to the Testing Center staff.
  • Special arrangements (i.e. time extensions, added materials, scrap paper) must be requested by the instructor.
  • Any student found using materials not indicated on the exam's coversheet must forfeit the materials to the Testing Center coordinator or staff. The student will be permitted to complete the exam, but all confiscated materials will be forwarded to the instructor with an explanation from the Testing Center Coordinator.
  • Dishonesty in any form may result in disciplinary action by the Dean of Students and/or the Committee on Academic Misconduct.

ID Policy for the Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA)

You must bring to the test center one piece of current, government-issued identification printed in English, in the name in which you registered, bearing your photograph and signature. Copies will not be accepted.

Acceptable forms of identification include the following:

  • Driver's license with photograph and signature
  • Passport with photograph and signature
  • State identification with photograph and signature (provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles for individuals who do not have a driver's license)
  • National identification with photograph and signature
  • Military identification with photograph and signature
  • Alien Registration Card (green card, permanent resident visa)

To Change or Modify your CASA appointment please go to this website:  https://www.in.nesinc.com/